The 40 points diet

So many people, so many diets. Not new, but some time in the Internet: the 40 points diet. How it works and the final question: is it really?

Lose weight is not easy, it is waiving and return. Every day thousands of Dutch working on a special diet. Of all types of diets was 40 points diet a separate type of diet that you hear little but it works. It just makes the Outs aware of what they eat.

Counting Calories

The 40 points diet is nothing but calories count. They fill in what you’ve eaten daily and the quantity. A special calculator converts the products into points. Each point equals 25 calories.

How many calories per day?
The average man has 100 points per day (2,500 calories), the average woman does so with less: 80 points per day (2000 calories). The diet recommends 40 points may temporarily take you to 40 points per day, but here it refers to that 40 points is very low, and that this amount should be increased slowly. Experience shows that many people find the 40 points are not feasible: they put themselves on a starvation diet then. In principle, anything under 80 points for women and men among the 100 points for a good start. It is finally to that more calories burned than one days that there is.

Conscious eating
Through daily calories to count, the Outs aware of the calories per item. One learns that one slice of bread contains 3 points, 12 points and a mars bar. This way the Outs aware of what they eat. And that helps with weight loss. Food is measured.

Weight Tracking
The site has even more options: the weight can be kept. This can be daily, weekly or monthly, or at any time. A chart shows how it has been dropped or added since the initial period. One can also remove strip out days. A nice and handy tool, which allows the Outs again aware of its weight and progress.

Burn calories
No weight loss without calorie burning. To lose, there will be a day to be burned more calories than it is. The site offers the possibility to calculate your BMI and calculate how many calories burned a certain activity, such as cycling, housekeeping, swimming, lawn mowing and even sex!

The site
The sign at the site was previously free: now asks me 12 euros per year. It may make free use of an example: the data are not saved so many people do not have to. The disadvantage of the site is that there is no function to request a forgotten password. Is it the password, then they also paid the money. Experience has shown that contact does not help: the only option is to create a new account and (again) out again. Perhaps this one bug fix in the future, because the site is also a very handy and useful tool for weight loss.