Family Fat Surgeons – The stories about extreme obesity

family_fat_surgeonsI look lately frequently Family Fat Surgeons on Discovery Travel & Living. The program deals with the two surgeons Dr. Robert and Garth Davis (father and son) who help people with extreme obesity.

Family Fat Surgeons tells the interesting stories around patients be contacting the Houston Methodist Weight Management Center in a final attempt to rid their extreme obesity.

The program addresses various operations discussed as placing a gastric band, gastric reduction and a plastic surgery for people who have excess skin from extreme weight loss. You have to take a beating because you can even see the operations, though the emphasis on personal stories.

If you are interested in these procedures, especially the stories of patients who undergo it, then I suggest you certainly have a look at this program.

Family Fat Surgeons every day around 21:50 hours broadcast on Discovery Travel & Living (Ziggo digital channel 203 & UPC digital channel 315).