Naked women serving dishes on the table (thuistip?)

Almost equally as important as the food itself, is the way you present the food. Because let’s face it: Jonnie Boer-cuisine useful you do not even plastic tubs of snackerette? So in an oven dish is lasagna, kale and pan-grandmother in a sushi and sashimi from the naked body of a woman.

Huh? Yes: Nyotaimori. As much as a presentation from the female body means and a tradition of the Japanese elite. Now a British duo brought it to London. Nigel Carlos launched this concept with Nick Hepburn.

For the price of € 300, – you get champagne on arrival, then a 10-course meal of traditional sushi and sashimi, you all of a naked female body and chobstickt an unlimited amount of alcohol. According to Carlos is a class event for people.

Currently it even more clandestine. The dinners with naked women as serving dishes are secretly held in different locations: abandoned industrial sites to large villas. Perhaps next year an official Flash Sushi restaurant opens.

Especially for women who want to lose weight seems to me a good idea. At home. Do not eat, but ‘eat’ are. Nice weekend!

PS What to do with the soy sauce?